Welcome to ScoringCam

Revolutionizing Shooting Accuracy Analysis and Enhancement


ScoringCam, an innovative product from Pulse Frontier, is revolutionizing the way shooting enthusiasts and professionals analyze and enhance their shooting accuracy. By leveraging complex algorithms and cutting-edge technology, ScoringCam effectively captures target images, detects the location of bullet holes, and provides instant feedback on the score of each shot.


We at Pulse Frontier have also developed GMSync, a groundbreaking Gun Motion Synchronization solution. GMSync works seamlessly with ScoringCam by sensing shots being fired and sending a Wi-Fi signal to the ScoringCam system, delivering instant scoring results. When ScoringCam is synced with a smartphone app or the cloud, shooters can analyze each shot or session, track performance, and even sponsor an online competition, or participate in competitive events.


In addition to ScoringCam and GMSync, Pulse Frontier is proud to introduce ShotPulse, a state-of-the-art shot timer that utilizes non-sound-based technology. This advanced shot timer provides precise shot timings without interference from ambient noise, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting sessions, as well as inside busy shooting ranges.